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About The Founder

Krishnni Khanna

Krishnni started Detoximind as a freshman in high school. She is deeply inquisitive about the human body-mind connection. Krishnni uses her experience and understanding to improve the status of mental and emotional health amongst peers in her community, and to de-stigmatise mental health issues that tweens, teens and young adults often struggle with all alone.

The desire to create a platform like Detoximind stemmed from Krishnni’s personal experiences in fifth and sixth grade when she was subject to regular shaming and alienation by peers. It took Krishnni more than three years to discern the cascading psychological impact of these daunting situations and confusing emotions. Having felt alone in the process herself and finding it difficult to open up about her struggles, she understood the need to demystify help-seeking behavior. With the support from her parents, Krishnni reached out for help and optimistically delved into understanding, processing, and healing these experiences.

Krishnni is passionate about advocating the importance of mental and emotional health for the overall wellbeing of children, and youths like her. With Detoximind, Krishnni aims to give tweens, teens and young adults, access to a safe space where they can share their experiences and seek advice from peers and experts.